sonOhr Festival: When the People Sing


Audio documentary by Emily Bissland (AUS)

Freitag 21. Februar 2020, 19h30
Kino REX Bern
Radio & Podcast Festival

Singing in a choir with complete strangers? Yes, you can. English, 2020, approx. ca. 55 Min.
When we feel grief, when our hearts are broken, when we face endings - in these moments of struggle, how can we be less alone? This experimental documentary invites the audience into a visceral investigation into the incredible healing and euphoric nature of group singing, via various choirs, but most centrally, a pub choir in Canada called 'Choir! Choir! Choir!'. When we sing together, our voices synchronise, but what about our hearts? Immersing the listener in the sound of many voices and experiential soundscapes, this intimate piece looks at how group singing has helped nations grieve the loss of musicians and heals the individual. Come with your voices and an open heart, and you too might experience the power of singing en masse.

In Kooperation mit «Lalala Coeur», dem Chor für Alle*.